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Sunday, March 31, 2013



On Wednesday I went to the "snack bar" Ropossa for the first time in months. The "mama" there does magic, and is very funny. She also gives me extreme amounts of food, and burns flash cotton in huge amounts very very close to you to make you jump in surprise. Lots of fun.

Karaoke Bolta, and a broken Magician Bolta
At Ropossa (which by the way is "Sapporo" read backwards in Japanese, since "sa-[double letter]-po-ro" is "ro-po-[double letter]-sa" backwards here) I also saw another Bolta figure. I mentioned I just got one that is Bolta doing magic, and I was told they had one too but it was broken.

Pasta carbonara
In the middle of my pasta carbonara, a magician in one of our magic bars called me and asked what I was doing. He had just ended up being alone with customers in groups of 2, 4, 2, and 6 people and could not handle that by himself... so if I could possibly come by... immediately? I left some pasta and ran :-) I did some magic and made drinks for three groups of customers, who were really nice customers. Another group of customers asked me to sign a PET-bottle that they had. I have no idea why they wanted my autograph, since I had never met them and did not have time to talk to them this time either, but I signed the bottle and they seemed happy.

Then I went back to Ropossa and met some pantomime artists.

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