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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Fukuoka tower far away.
Fukuoka tower far away, at night.
On my first ever visit to the Kyushu island, I did not have much time to spend freely (work related trips are like that for us). I did have some time to walk around during the nights, and during the lunch break.

A heron or something flying above one of the many rivers.
A boat and an umbrella in a very old and traditional style.
Fukuoka was warm, and full of rivers. The public transportation was super convenient. The airport is located at one of the subway stations, and the subway takes you from the airport to the big train station in 10 minutes, from there on to the entertainment district in another 10 minutes, and then 5 minutes more and you are in the shopping district. The subway can also take you to the big sightseeing spots (that I did not have time to visit) like parks and the Fukuoka tower, and to the harbor if you want to take a ship to Korea or Osaka.

Our meeting was close to the Yahoo dome, some baseball thing.

Fukuoka also seems to have a nice climate. I was told that it is even less hot than Sapporo during the summers, and it is never cold during the winters. The food was good too.

Ramen, famous in Fukuoka

The entertainment and redlight district.


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    1. It was very nice. I will upload some more but I am too busy at work to catch up with all the things I should have blogged about but was too busy experiencing to have time to blog :-)