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Monday, March 25, 2013


The last day of work, we got off work early enough to go have lunch somewhere other than the student cafeteria. My colleague wanted to have pizza, since pizza in Japan is usually not very exciting compared to European pizza.

Lausanne is close to Italy, so we found lots of Italian restaurants. We picked one more or less at random and went inside to have pizza. The staff did not speak English, but they spoke French and Italian (neither of which we spoke). The menu was in French, but that is close enough to English to understand pizza toppings.

Our boss was very skeptical about having pizza but the pizzas were very good and he later said that he actually was glad we had pizza. No one forced him to come with us but he usually wants to spend 100% of the time together. The only two times he has not come with us on trips abroad were when we went to have "junk food kebab" in Germany (he had a meeting with someone else) and when we had goat testicles in Greece (he refused because he thought it would be disgusting). He loves mushrooms and was very happy that there was pizza with mushrooms available. I don't think I have ever seen a European pizza place without mushroom available on at least some pizza, but he found it exciting.

I ordered a "Calabrese" since that is a type of pizza I often have at a friends place in Sapporo. I wanted to see how similar they were. They both have spicy sausage, so they were fairly similar.

My pizza loving colleague in the end ended up having pizza for lunch, pizza for dinner, and then pizza for lunch the next day too... I like pizza too, but when visiting a new country for the first time, having only pizza seems like a bit of a wasted opportunity.


  1. What can I say... I love Pizza... and pizza loves me!
    ...or at least I though so until my doctor told me it is secretly trying to slowly kill me

    1. At least it is killing you slowly, and eating pizza is a pleasant way to be killed :-)