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Sunday, March 24, 2013

The second Lausanne dinner

The restaurant of the second Lausanne dinner was located very close to our hotel. Less than five minutes walking. So of course we decided to walk there. Our professor was skeptical of our sense of direction. There were lots of other participants staying at the same hotel, so we left the hotel in a group of 15 or so. In an intersection, the group stopped and no one seemed to know where to go, but me and my Swedish colleague at least managed to convince one British cancer researcher that we knew what we were doing and she followed us when we walked ahead to the restaurant. The rest of the party came later, but about 5 minutes later so either they went the wrong way or they were standing around indecisive for a long time. Our professor stuck to that group this evening.

A "small" starter.
The food was again very good. We got "meat fondue". This means boiling different types of meat in oil and then dipping them in different sauces. There was curry sauce, garlic sauce, spicy sauce, etc. There were three types of meat: chicken, beef, and horse. In Sweden we also eat horse, but some of the other guests were skeptical. The food is somewhat similar to Japanese shabu-shabu, though the meat is much thicker.

Horse, beef, and chicken.

Some people instead wanted to have cheese fondue, including the woman sitting next to me. I managed to steal some cheese fondue from here at an unguarded movement. The famous Swiss cheese fondue was good, but the cheese fondue you can get in Japan if you go to an expensive place tastes pretty much the same. Something I like in Japan is that you get not only bread, like in Switzerland and France, but you also get various vegetables, sausages, etc. to dip in the cheese. More variety.

Cheese fondue
Stolen cheese fondue

Some vegetarians had a potato, cheese, and egg dish instead.

The green tea did not taste like any green tea in Japan (where there are several sorts).

When the dessert showed up, we were all pretty much full but it was still good. 

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