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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sharing a plane to Osaka with a baseball team

I went to Osaka for my friend's wedding. The wedding was actually in Kobe, but the Osaka airport is quite close and it was easier to get tickets to Osaka airport than to the small Kobe airport. The wedding chapel was more or less in the middle between Osaka and Kobe anyway.

In Kobe they also have the Koshien baseball stadium, which is the most famous baseball stadium for high school baseball teams to play in. Pretty much now they have some form of national high school baseball tournament (in Europe we do not have baseball so I know nothing of baseball other that that you hit a ball with a bat and run around) and I shared a plane with one of the two teams representing Hokkaido in the national finals.

They lined up at the gate and everyone in the airport started taking photos, so I felt compelled to take some photos too. When we were landing, there was an announcement in the plane wishing them good luck, and the whole plane applauded. Apparently, baseball is a big thing here. Last I heard, this team from Otaru had done well and won their games so far.

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