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Monday, March 25, 2013

Last supper, Lausanne version

Our last night in Lausanne, my colleague suggested we have pizza again. I suggested we not. Our boss just wanted a salad. In the end we compromised and went to a cheap looking place that had salads, pizzas, and other food.

I ordered some local version of cheese fondue where they mix tomatoes into the cheese. Instead of bread you dip potatoes in the tomato cheese. It was pretty good, but normal cheese fondue is better.

Salad, with the boss's beloved mushrooms. Apparently this type of lettuce is called "Lion's tooth" in Lausanne. Every menu everywhere in the city had Lion's tooth salad with something. We asked our English speaking waitress what these lion's teeth were, and she said she did not know the English word (which is "dandelion", coming from the French "dent de lion" = lion's tooth) but she pointed to a photo of salad and said: "This".
The second pizza of the day for my colleague.


  1. Maskros, Jonas.. :-) Det kan man ju äta i Sverige också..

  2. Jo, maskros vet jag vad det är om folk nämner det engelska ordet. Dock slog det mig inte att det franska orden blir just det engelska ordet för maskros :-)