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Friday, October 24, 2014

Autumn trip to Stockholm

I spent every single day of vacation I got this year on a 10 days vacation in Sweden ending last week. It was nice, and it has been 8 years or so since I last visited Sweden in the autumn. The general image of Swedish autumn is that it is cold, dark, and rainy. That is how it started, but there were some nice days too.

Central Stockholm in the background
We saw some kids walking in the high grass, which was deemed suspicious.

One good thing about going there in October is that no one is on vacation in October, so you can find everyone you know. I usually go in the summer, since that is the best time to visit Sweden, but then lots of people are on vacation and you cannot find them.

Falling water

This time I ended up spending the first 40 hours with my brother's dog. My brother and his wife were going to a concert or something, so they asked me to look after the dog since I "don't have anything to do anyway". It was nice to hang out with a dog again, though he did seem to think we should start the days awful early. We walked around in the nearby forests.

Some of my mother's roses were still going strong.

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