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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Out drinking with my brother

Cars completely unrelated to my brother's work

My brother and his wife wanted to join me when I went to Magic Bar Stockholm to see the weekend show there. We stopped by a pub on the way, and I was surprised by the staff there not understanding me when I tried speaking Swedish (most people in Sweden do understand Swedish). The problem was not that my Swedish is bad from living abroad, but that this was an English pub and the people working there were British. Since everyone in Sweden (pretty much) speaks English, it is probably difficult for them to learn Swedish (everyone switches to English so you get no practice).

British pub

The drinks were nice, as was the interior and the staff. We walked from there to the magic bar, and on the way we passed two things that my brother pointed out. One is the office where he works now. On the ground floor there were lots of luxury cars, but that was not related to their company.

Expensive apartment
Random expensive looking car

On the other side of the street, we could also see the apartment with the highest per square meter price paid in Stockholm, I was told. It was bought by the guy who created the Minecraft game. There were lots of expensive looking cars parked around that area in general.

Swedes like eating outdoors. Despite it being something like 12 degrees Celsius, people were still sitting at tables in the street to eat and drink.

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