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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Japanese deals

After staying two days in Sapporo, it was time for me to go to Europe again. This time I was going to Sweden for vacation.

I stopped by a gift shop in the airport outside Sapporo and noticed that you could either buy a 6-pack of nice Sapporo candies for 460 yen, or you could buy a 12-pack for 930 yen. So I bought two 6-packs for a total of 920 yen...

In Japan, the most common system is that if you buy one item you pay X yen, and if you buy a 10-pack, you pay exactly ten times the cost of buying one item. Sometimes, but often enough that you see it at least a few times per year, it is more expensive to buy a 10-pack than buying 10 items one at a time... Who buys the 12-packs of the product above, for instance?

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