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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Soup curry King

I like soup curry. The owner of our magic bar also likes soup curry. His favorite soup curry place is Soup Curry King. This is a bit off and hard to get to (but close to our owner's home), so I had never been there but finally got around to try it.

The curry soup was extremely good. Possibly the best I have tried so far. The stuff in the soup were also good.

There was a funny waitress there that kept saying funny things. She commented on my t-shirt while we were waiting (there was a long line). She also came over and told us to lower the volume when I was showing a video with my digital camera, which was a bit surprising since we could hardly hear that there was sound in the video at our table, but we complied. When we were leaving, she asked where I was from, so I told her I am from Saitama (outside Tokyo), but that I have bleached my hair and use colored contact lenses. She replied with something funny along the lines of  "I do not believe you", and also asked how come I can speak Japanese. My friend who I was there with said that I had used "Japanese speed learning", referring to a Japanese company that makes study material for Japanese students of foreign languages. I am not sure they actually make anything for people studying Japanese, though.

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