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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lunch with a view

Great view of Stockholm from the restaurant
I met with my old fencing/martial arts teacher for lunch one day. He suggested a restaurant that had "all you can eat" lunch buffet. Not that not getting enough food is a big problem for me when I visit Sweden, but still...
Great food
Swedish pun
The place also has a superb view of Stockholm, and lots of signs with stupid puns in Swedish. The weather cleared up and we had a great view of autumn Stockholm and caught up on strange happenings since last time we met.

It also turned out that both our next appointments were in the same area, so we walked to the other side of Stockholm together, and stopped for some carrot cake and chai-latte on the way. Chai latte seems to be popular now, every cafe I passed had it on the menu.
Carrot cake
Chai latte

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