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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Indian food, Japanese hand towels

One night, almost everyone from our project meeting went out to dinner together. One of the few places in Oxford that can serve that many people, I am told, is an Indian place. They served us a bunch of stuff. It was good, but the people who ordered ordered very bland versions (since they thought some people could not handle spicy food), which was a bit sad.

I was asked by a Greek guy to do some magic, since apparently he had seen me do some magic at some other research related event. I did not have any props on me, but I found some rubber bands and surprised the people close to me. The Greek guy said that the next day he would be expecting card tricks.

After the meal was over, everyone got wet towels to wipe their hands with (when I was in India, I got bowls of lemon scented water to wash my hands in), since you are supposed to eat the curry etc. with your hands. In Japan, the exact same type of towels are handed out before the meal.

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