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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Chinese food at the Red Brick Terrace

I was told by the woman at the register that "this meal is quite small", but to me it looked pretty huge when it showed up...

Near the university there was a lot of construction work being done that recently finished. A new huge building called the "Red Brick Terrace" is the result. The name comes from the building across the street, which is made with red brick. This is very rare in Japan, so this building is considered one of Sapporo's sightseeing spots (the rest of them are about as exciting too, the most famous one is the "Clock Tower", which is famous since it is a building that is built "to look like a European building"... exciting stuff).

The Red Brick Terrace houses lots of restaurants, and I stopped by there with two colleagues to check out what they have to offer. We ended up eating at a food court, where they ordered European style food from one shop and I ordered Chinese food from another. The food was good, but most of the shops seemed to have good food so I based my choice on the fact that this shop had all the girls working for it wearing "China dresses", which are nice.

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