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Saturday, October 11, 2014

British food, Japanese magic

On the last evening (there were some meetings the next morning too, but most people left at around lunch the last day), 16 of us went to a British place called the Red Lion. I ordered some salmon based starter which was very nice, and a British looking chicken and meat pie, which was also good. Later, a waitress also told me that the chocolate cake with sticky caramel sauce was good and I should order that, so I did.

The guy who wanted to see a card trick sat at my table, so I showed him a card trick. Another guy who I had never met before also watched my magic. He was a great spectator. He laughed and was amazed at every trick, even though he was trying to figure out every trick and asked a lot of penetrating questions. My usual: "I'm sorry, I don't understand the Japanese word you just used" that I tell Japanese spectators that ask me things there are no good answers too was not applicable, but I tried things like: "I am sorry, you accent is a bit strong, could you rephrase?", which he also thought was funny.

We had so much fun at our table that people at the other table from our group also asked me to come by and do some magic for them too. They enjoyed it too.

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