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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Seeing reruns of myself on TV again

Me, not being interviewed for 5 minutes like I though, but sitting smack in the middle.

One of my friends in Sapporo recorded my latest appearance on (Hokkaido only) TV and made a BlueRay with this program. They sent it to my parents. My parents do not understand Japanese, and since it is BlueRay it was hard to add subtitles. I was thinking of translating the show and sending the subtitles to my parents, but apparently the powers that be have tried and mostly succeeded in making that very difficult.

Anyway, when I was in Stockholm we watched the show together, and I explained what was going on. I also got some better screen shots now that I had control of the TV.

The previous story describing the contents can be found here.

Talking about the ice hotel built just outside Sapporo.
Trying to decide what face to make when I was in the small frame.
Presented with my name
Bowing politely as the information about age, my place of work, etc. shows up.
When asked if I speak Japanese I said yes, but that I was not a native speaker, and showed my shirt that said: "I am not Japanese", in Japanese.

You could fax/e-mail/etc. stories of visiting Scandinavia to the show, and some of these were read at the end of the show.
The first e-mail that was read to me was from one of my friends! Which I realized halfway through the mail... "This story sounds familiar?" I was not sure if it would be OK to say: "I know this girl!", so I kept my poker face, haha.

Speaking Japanese and using Japanese body language

We also talked about Swedish handicrafts

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