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Friday, October 10, 2014

Fish and chips, and good fish

When people in Japan think of British food, they only ever come up with Fish and Chips. I have tried fish and chips in other countries, but I am not a huge fan. It is not bad, but it is not very exciting either.

I found a small place where lots of people that seemed to be locals were having dinner, and it was a sea food restaurant. I decided to try some fish and chips there, since this must be top level fish and chips. I also ordered some smoked salmon to have something that was guaranteed to be good if the fish and chips indeed were as uninteresting as I feared. It would also be a good way to check the level of the restaurant in general.

The smoked salmon was great! The WiFi in the restaurant was also great (which was nice, since my hotel did not have Internet... I did not know such hotels still existed).

The fish and chips showed up and were not bad, but not very interesting. The serving was enormous, though. The green stuff are steamed green peas, which were good. The pickles and the sauce were very nice too.

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