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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Monsters of Film

One of my oldest friends and I used to watch a lot of B-movies when we were young. We usually meet up when I am in Sweden and this time he suggested we could go and see a movie at the "Monsters of Film" festival that I did not know was going on.

Me and my friend right before the free beer arrived

We saw "What we do in the shadows", which was a really funny mockumentary about some vampires sharing and apartment in Wellington. 

Free flavored water
Free beer

This turned out to be the last movie of the festival, so before it started everyone got free beer or free flavored water and some snacks. They wanted to thank everyone for supporting the festival etc. I did not feel that I had supported them that much, but I got a can with raspberry flavored water. 

I did have to work quite a lot to get a ticket, though. The tickets were only sold online. The system did not accept my Japanese credit card, so I tried my old Swedish card that I still have for when visiting Sweden. Then the system prompted me to input an extra verification password to the bank (that would not go to the seller) for extra fraud protection, but I did not have such a password. It said that if you did not have a password you could simply log in to your Internet bank and get one. My Internet bank requires a code key machine for logging in, which I keep at home. Going home to Sapporo to get it did not seem like a great solution. I tried another Japanese card I have, which was considered suspicious (because the address of the card owner was not in Sweden) but that the system said: "possibly might be accepted after manual inspection". The manual inspection only happens when people are at work, but 16 hours later, my transaction finally went through and I could pay for my ticket.

My friend had a sword at home. Possibly to use against zombie outbreaks.

I also got to meet a friend of my friend who turned out to be a movie geek (in the best possible way). He apparently owns around 8000 DVDs. Where do you even store so many DVDs? We talked about strange niche market Japanese movies for a while. Good times.


  1. Gratis öl? Jag trodde att det var förbjudet i Sverige att GE bort alkohol?!

    1. Man var ju i och för sig tvungen att lösa medlemsavgift samt betala biljetten för att få komma in, men väl där så fick man gratis snacks och dricka, varav ett av alternativen var öl, utan extra kostnad. Huruvida det var lagligt eller ej vet jag inte :-)

      I Japan händer det folk står och ger bort flaskor med sprit på gatan i reklamsyfte, och gratis provsmakning i alkoholbutiker är väl nästan alltid okej. Och ibland delar de ut glas med provsmakningsalkohol i butiker man inte trodde hade alkohol. Gratis alkohol är också vanligt på bröllop (fast man betalar ju motsvarande innträde där också) och som present i barer.

  2. Jo, i Japan funkar det.. :-) Jag har druckit gratis sake på gatan!! :-) God, dessutom.. Men sånt går inte för sig här.. men om det var medlemsavgift så tror jag det räknas som "slutet sällskap" och då är det OK..