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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Swedish sweets

Home made (by my mother) apple cake

To Japanese people,  European sweets are too sweet. To most of the people I know from Europe, Japanese sweets are "too sweet" too. My theory is that in Sweden (Europe) sugar is used for sweets, while in Japan they use sweet beans a lot. The sweetness that you are not used to comes through as "too sweet", so both sides think the other side's sweets are much sweeter than their own.
Home made plum pie
The home made apple cake again
The not yet made apple cake in the oven. Japanese ovens are about one fourth of the size of this (standard size in Sweden) oven, if you are lucky...
Blueberry pie with vanilla sauce. Very Swedish. Also, chai latte.
Kladdkaka ("chocolate mud cake"), very Swedish.
Carrot cake
Another carrot cake
Sweden has lots of berries, so many desserts come with berries.
Old style candy


  1. Det är en av dom (ganska få..) saker som Miyuki saknar från Sverige : Ugnen :-)

    1. Ja, svenska ugnar är mycket bättre än japanska.