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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Piano concert

Playing songs from the movie "Frozen"

I have a friend who works as a piano teacher. She told me that she would be playing at a piano concert where lots of piano teachers from the same company were to perform. Since I missed her last concert, I got up ridiculously early (a few hours after our magic bar closed) and went to the other side of town and then got to listen to lots of great music.

People were playing piano by themselves (like my friend), playing two people on one piano, two people on on piano each, or two people on using a piano and one using an electronic organ. They were all wearing impressive dresses too.

My friend turned out to be on stage in the middle of the third (last) section of performances, almost three hours after the whole thing started. By then I was a bit tired, but not tired enough to fall asleep.

After everything finished, I had time to say hello to my friend, but not much more.

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