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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sushi places in Stockholm

This menu has a fairly wide selection
 In Stockholm there are very many sushi places. Some of them are run by Japanese people, but most are not. Some have strange things on the rice that I have never seen in Japan, and some have very few things to choose from.
This menu has mistakes in the Japanese writing ("moriawas" is not possible to write using the Japanese alphabets and it should say "moriawase"), in the Swedish writing ("mellan sushi" is not always incorrect, but here it is and it should say "mellansushi"), and in the English writing ("vegetalbe" in one place, for instance). And it sometimes mixes Swedish and English ("Servering with rice").
This place is called "Dosanko", which is funny to me since it means something like "From Hokkaido", and I sometimes present myself as "dosanko", when people not from Hokkaido ask where I am from.

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