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Saturday, October 11, 2014

English breakfast and a hotel with no Internet

I stayed in a place that served traditional English breakfasts. There were fried eggs, toast, beans, bacon, sausages, hash browns, fruits, yogurt, and much more. There was also marmite, if you are into weird smelly stuff.

The buildings we stayed in were beautiful. They looked like old British buildings (and probably were). The plumbing was not great (I have never seen good plumbing in Britain, though I have not been there much). My shower had a control for the temperature, but no matter what setting you set it to, the water was quite cold. After letting it run for several minutes, the water became warm. After about one minute of warm, the water became very hot, and no matter what setting you set the temperature to, the water was uncomfortably hot.

The next day, I figured that I could let the shower run while not standing in the small shower trying to avoid the cold water. This plan was complicated by the fact that the shower sent water flying straight out the door of the shower cabin, making everything nearby very wet, if you tried to turn the shower on while not inside the cabin...

The location was also great. There was a huge garden that looked very nice, and a small river passed nearby. There were also lots of ducks walking around on the grounds.

There was, however, no Internet. That was a big surprise.

It was also surprising that I was in Britain for three days and it did not rain on me even once!

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