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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

America = pizza

For my last dinner in Las Vegas I wanted to try American pizza. There was a place called "New York pizza" in our hotel, so I went there. I saw something that looked more like a loaf of bread than a pizza, which seemed interesting. I wanted to try some more "standard" stuff too, so I ended up with a slice of pizza with spicy sausage and mushrooms, and one rolled up thing with ham and cheese.

Both of these were great. Junk food, but good. Both were also surprisingly large, so this was much more food than I needed. My friends were not interested in pizza, so they had already left to go gamble their money away in the casino instead, so no help from them.

I was a little surprised that you got a plastic container with extra tomato sauce to add as you pleased. This sauce was also very good, but neither in Sweden nor in Japan have I received extra tomato sauce. In Japan you get Tabasco when you order pizza, because Japanese people for some reason believe that pizza is supposed to be very spicy food. In Sweden you get shredded cabbage with vinegar, which is some weird Scandinavian pizza tradition.

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