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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Criss Angel, Believe

Our first night in Las Vegas, we took a quick shower (we arrived in the hotel in the early evening) and then ran out to try to buy tickets to the Criss Angel show Believe. We got some pretty good tickets for around 100 dollars each.

The lobby had paintings that changed depending on the angle you looked at them from.

Before Criss Angel appeared there were a group of clowns from Cirque du Soleil that entertained us. One of them did magic and did it pretty well. They were very funny. Then Criss Angel arrived and did lots of illusions: people disappeared and appeared in the audience, a motorcycle appeared out of nowhere, things like that. He also did a lot of dove productions, though one of the doves seemed to give him some trouble. He also had a young boy on stage and did some magic with him. He was meaner, but in a funny way, to his spectator than I would ever dare, but then again I am not Criss Angel, haha.

The show was very nice, and the stage/theater was extremely nice. There was more funny stuff making you laugh than I had expected, and much less goth/blood stuff than I had expected, haha. Our seats were good enough that my friend high-fived Criss Angel when he walked past (but my seat was not close enough for that).

I bought Twizzlers in the shop outside the theater and they insisted I would get two packets though I said one was more than enough for me. At least they said they were "Low Fat"... I have never considered the problem with eating a stick of sugar to be the fat content, but maybe there are high fat Twizzlers too.

Criss Angel has his own shop in the casino too. There you could buy t-shirts and magic kits.

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