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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Not so scary rides on top of Las Vegas

Three out of five of us decided to ride this thing.
On top of the Stratosphere you can do bungee jumping. My friend wanted to try bungee but there were no free time slots within reasonable time.

There are a few rides on top of the very high tower too. We decided to try one that just sends you out from the tower and then hangs you in the air looking down. It was not that scary but it was very cheap. Next time I might try the spinning chairs instead.
The original photo that you could by had me doing the V-sign in the back (upper right corner) but...
... when my friend bought the photo my hand was cut out.
We sat in this thing.
It went up to the end of the rail, which is outside of the tower
And then you are flipped down, looking at the ground several hundred meters below.
This looked like it could be more interesting. You sit in a sofa and it starts spinning so that you are facing straight down and spinning outside of the tower, so you can see the ground.

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