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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Niche stores

This is an "oxygen bar". There were many such places all over town. Not sure what the point is.

In Las Vegas, you can find all kinds of strange places.

This place looked tempting, since the desert was too hot for me. My friends did not think we had time to go chill down though.

The Coca Cola shop looked nice and had many funny things on sale.
There was a big polar bear that walked around and took photos with customers there too.
These bags are made from the pull tabs from Coca Cola cans.
Coca Cola salt and pepper shakers
This place let you drive around in expensive cars.
I almost bought some very real looking but soft hamburger magnets.
This placed sold things like guitars signed by celebrities.
Strange things on sale.
This place sold hats, some stranger than others.

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