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Friday, March 27, 2015

High-fiving David Copperfield

One of the big goals with the Las Vegas trip was to see David Copperfield. He is the biggest superstar of magic so everyone wanted to see him before he retires. Since he is not that young anymore, it might be prudent to see him quickly. So we had bought really good tickets on the Internet beforehand. We sat in the third row from the front, which was very good.

The show was great, of course. There were lots of big illusions, and I got to see several of Copperfield's famous tricks (the slow motion duck, for instance). The show structure was very professional, and the sheer number of assistants that helped out at different times throughout the show was also impressive. Everything ran very smooth. One of my friends saw Copperfield one or two years ago and said that about half of the material in the show was new to him, so they change quite a lot of the material.

The show had lots of illusions, but there were also some smaller magic where David Copperfield walked out into the audience and levitated a rose for instance. He walked around quite a lot and he passed our table several times. We took the chance and high-fived him when he passed.

There were quite a lot of funny audience interaction, and many jokes. There were of course many tricks where he asked people to join him on stage to check things or select one out of a large set of things etc. There were also tricks that involved the whole audience. We all got wristbands to put on and when lit with a black light, they all showed the word "inspire", which also happened to be the word selected by a woman selecting words on stage.

The show felt very professional. Very entertaining. Criss Angel was also good, but when comparing to Copperfield it felt like it was a different league. The overall structure of the show was good too, and there was so much attention to details. When they wanted someone in the audience to say something or someone to do something, they prompted people to do that, and if no one did they had staff looking like audience members doing the funny things instead. Very impressive. If I go to Las Vegas again while Copperfield is still active, I will go see the show again.


  1. Han är verkligen speciell.. Du har väl anat att jag inte är jättetokig i magic, men det finns några som jag gillar.. DC är en av dom.. Eller #1.. Gillar Criss Angel också och sen finns det ett par tre till som jag gärna ser.. Ska kolla upp namnen för jag har glömt dom.. Känner du förresten till engelsmannen Ben Hanlin ? Hans show går på TV i Sverige nu, och han är både komiker och magiker.. Riktigt kul och bra.. Han blåser kändisar i sin show..

    1. Ja, David Copperfield var fantastisk. Man förstår varför han är magins superstar nummer ett. Criss Angel var också bra, men det var en helt annan liga när man såg Copperfield :-)

      Jag har inte hört talas om Ben Hanling tidigare. Jag får ta och kolla upp det. Jag gillar magi rent allmänt, och särskilt magiker som försöker vara roliga.