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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fantasy show

The last night in Las Vegas, my friends wanted to go see some "traditional Las Vegas style" show, meaning lots of dancing women in light clothing. We looked up what was available, and found one show that claimed to have more than 100 women working, and that even did some magical illusions. Sadly, this show was already sold out. We found another one that was not sold out, but ranked as one of the better shows and that had more than just dancing around topless.

We got some pretty good seats for the "Fantasy: the biggest tease on the Strip" (a clever title). It was more entertaining than I had expected. It had lots of girls taking off their clothes and/or dancing, and they were pretty good. It also had a singer, who was really good. There were other types of performances too, one girl did a quite impressive pole dance show, and one girl did very impressive acrobatics while dangling in curtains near the ceiling (similar to what we had seen at Cirque du Soleil earlier). There was also a very funny comedian, who also did really funny impressions of various famous people. He was great.

The singer, with a great and powerful voice
The acrobat
The pole dancer
The comedian

After the show you could buy various things in their shop. One of the things they recommended was a calendar full with photos of the girls in the show. At first, no one seemed to be about to buy anything. One of my friends said: "Of course no one buys a calendar now. It is already March!"... I am not sure he understands the point of their calendar, haha. I then went over and bought a calendar. They all signed their names on their photos, and you could take photos of your own of the girls that had been performing that night too.

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