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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Leaving Las Vegas

On our last day in Las Vegas, we had to take a bus that left our hotel at 7 a.m., which was very early. I slept one and a half hour during the night, but my friends just skipped sleeping altogether.

We had JAL Pack tickets, which meant that a cute Japanese girl came and picked us up at our hotel and showed us which desk at the airport to check in at etc. One of my friends thought she was great, so he wanted to take a photo with her before we left. At the airport in LA there was an older, slightly overweight, man who helped us in the same way. I asked my friend if he wanted me to take a photo of him and this guy too, but he said that would not be necessary, haha.

I bought something that was a lot of fruits pulverized in a mixer and the mixed with yogurt for breakfast. As with most food in America, you got way more food than you needed. It was pretty good, though, and probably very healthy.

In the airplane, we got "okayu", kind of like rice porridge. Basically it is overcooked rice, with slight to no flavor. Here they had added some leek, shrimp, and ginger to give it a faint hint of flavor. Okayu is no bad, but I have never seen it in an airplane before.

On our way back to Narita airport outside Tokyo, we took a few weird turnarounds. It looks like the pilot is drunk, but I guess we arrived at a time where we could not get a landing slot immediately or something like that.

When leaving the plane, I noticed that someone was flying with a dog. The dog was just sitting around in the cabin. I have never seen a dog in a plane like that before. Mostly you see pets in small carry-on cages.

When leaving the hotel you did not have to do anything at all to check out. You did not even have to return the keys. So I now have a hotel key at home.

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