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Friday, March 27, 2015

Mac King at Harrah's

On the second day in Las Vegas we bought some tickets to the show I wanted to see the most, Mac King. We got pretty good seats, and it was super cheap. The show was great. I laughed so much that my stomach hurt. My friends don't speak nor understand that much English, so they missed out on large parts of the fun. Some of them slept large parts of the show.

The magic in the show was good too, though. I knew Mac King was funny, but seeing him live you also realize that his magical skill is also very very good. His card control, for instance, was very impressive. What was most impressive was the way he interacted with the audience and the structuring of the show, though.

He had a few different spectators help him out with various tricks, and he was very funny with them, without being mean to them. After the show I bought two books with magic tricks. They seem pretty interesting, and while they are aimed at kids some of the tricks are very good. When he signed the books for me, Mac King asked me if I was a magician. I guess the jacket gives it away? Or maybe people who are not there with their kids but still buy the books are mostly magicians.

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