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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

How to be popular in Las Vegas: selfie stick

One of my friends brought a selfie-stick to Las Vegas. When we were trying to take a photo of all five of us on the last night, a group of three American girls thought it was funny that we had a selfie stick so they said: "Let's photobomb the guys with the selfie stick" and jumped into our photo. With the result above.

The owner of the selfie stick thought this was funny, so after we took a photo with just the five of us, he had me translate for him when we talked some more to the girls. He asked if he could take a photo with just one of them, and she said "sure".

The other two then complained that they felt left out now that only their popular friend was being photographed. I said I would take a photo of them instead, and they seemed very happy about that, haha.

Another day when we were walking around and my friend was using his selfie stick to get a higher view and a better angle of things in front of him, lots of people also thought it was funny with the selfie stick (in fact, every time he had it out, people thought it was funny). Some people snuck in behind us to try to join our selfie, but since my friend was in fact taking photos of things in front of us, they were confused and disappointed. When I explained this, my friend flipped the camera and we took a selfie together with these people too.

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