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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Nathan Burton, funny illusions, many illusions

One of my friends who has been in Las Vegas before suggested we could go and see Nathan Burton in the afternoon. He had seen the show before and said it was good. We got tickets in the middle of the audience, which was a good place to sit.

The show was very funny. The show is called "Comedy Illusions", and the pure number of illusions they performed was astounding, haha. They also had very funny presentation ideas for standard illusions, so it was much more entertaining than illusion shows usually are.

There was a short segment were another magician did a short close up magic performance too. He was seated very far from us so we could not see him, but they had a camera on him and showed what was going on on a big screen too, so we could see that.

The screen was used before the show started too. When you entered the theater they took a photo of you, and when your photo was on the screen you were asked to make as much noise as you could. The noisiest group would win a trip to Las Vegas. Groups with many members of course tended to be much noisier than groups of two or three. We entered so late that they never got to our photo. In the end, the screen said that since everyone is already in Las Vegas, no one would actually win anything in this competition.

I thought the show was so funny that I bought a DVD with Nathan Burton and his team performing the same or similar illusions on TV and in other places. He signed the DVD for me too. And I also ended up buying the photo of us entering the theater.

This show was the greatest positive surprise. I had not heard of Nathan Burton before, but the show was very funny. Definitely recommended.

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