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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Long check-in line

Our hotel (the MGM Grand) has 50035 rooms, so there was a very long line to the check-in counter. Even if you assume everyone stays one week, that still means they need to check in people in around 1000 rooms every day...

While standing in line, an American looking man looked at my t-shirt and read the "I am not Japanese" in Japanese written there. I wonder why he could read Japanese.

Floor plan of our floor. We had very far to walk to the elevators.


  1. I can't belive you didn't ask him??!!

    1. My friends did not think we had time to talk to people in the lobby, they wanted to go buy tickets for Christ Angel or something.

      Japanese tourists have a very fast and intense style of touristing, so they were often complaining about me not tagging along fast enough when I stopped to shop or to take photos :-)

  2. Inte vet jag varför det blev på engelska där.. hjärnan lyckades tydligen inte ställa om efter att ha läst inlägget! :-) Lite tråkigt när folk stressar på en.. :-)