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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Penn & Teller

One of the acts that I had on my "must see" list was Penn & Teller. We had great tickets in the middle of the row at the tenth row or so. Before the show, you could go up on stage and take a look at a wooden box and write your name on an envelope. I inspected the box and it did not seem to have any suspicious parts, it just looked like a big box.

When the show was about to start, a guy came in and closed the box and then tipped it over. A few seconds later, Teller came out of the box. That was a very impressive way to start off.

We got to see a bunch of their famous tricks. I like the trick where they record a movie with a spectator's cell phone and the phone ends up inside a fish that had been strapped under a chair of a guy sitting behind me. They also did the bullet catch, of course, and a nail gun thing I like, and Teller's beautiful coins and goldfish routine.

They also did a lot of stuff I had never seen before. There were several times when we were all very surprised at the punchline of the trick. (This is pretty rare, if you do magic you can mostly predict what is going to happen when other people do magic.) They were very very good. They were also very funny. I laughed a lot.

After the show, they were also very friendly. Both Penn and Teller waited around outside the theater and you could take photos with them and ask them to sign things. I bought a deck of cards that they sell on my way in, and they kindly signed it for me after the show.

I had very high expectations when going in to Penn & Teller, and the lived up to all of it. A very good show.


  1. Penn & Teller är också favoriter! :-) Deras magic är ju outstanding, och så är dom roliga.. Och jag gillar deras TV-show där dom avslöjar alla möjliga dumheter!!

    1. Ja, jag har alltid gillat deras stil. De är otroligt roliga. Det visar sig att de också är otroligt duktiga på trolleri (kanske de som var bäst av vad vi såg i Las Vegas).

      Deras icke-trolleri-tvshow är också rätt underhållande, ja :-)