Thursday, June 18, 2015

Banana flavored potato chips!

Our university coop sells banana flavored potato chips. They also sell orange (more or less, Japanese "mikan") flavored potato chips. I imagined that banana and potato chips would not work together. I bought one bag of each, and I was right. It was not good. Who comes up with these ideas, and why are they not stopped during the testing phases?


  1. There is also a peach flavor. They are trying to market it as a breakfast chip. It sounds like a joke, but that's what the company says. Also, the store I saw them at suggested eating all three chips together. They said it will taste like "mix juice" if you do.

    1. Yes, a Japanese friend also mentioned that there is also peach flavor. Our coop does not sell peach flavored chips, though. But that sounds pretty bad too.

      I am going to guess that "mixed juice" flavor will still not go well with "potato chips" flavor, which was the problem with the banana and mikan flavors...

      And yes, potato chips for breakfast does not sound like a great idea either. Even if they did not come with weird flavors. :-)