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Friday, June 19, 2015

Last years yukata and this years yukata

This year's yukata

I bought a new yukata this year. It is pretty nice, but I think I like the two I bought last year better. I am torn between the red flowers and the white flowers, though. Luckily, there are lots of chances to wear a yukata, so I can make use of all of them.

Last years yukata
A fan I bought for 100 yen (very cheap) that turned out to be great.

This year, I have started doing a magic trick where one of the things that happen is that I pull out a huge sign that says "tettere!". This is a phrase in Japanese that you can use to annoy people. I think it originally comes from a hidden camera TV show where they would have this sound play when they revealed that everything that happened was a set up.

This huge sign fits snugly in my jackets, but turned out to be really inconvenient when wearing a yukata. But since this is the most popular thing I do currently, and the thing everyone seems to remember me for, I figured I would have to attach one anyway.

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