Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Midsummer barbecue

After the Swedish style midsummer dance finished, I was invited to the home of some friends who live around there. They have fields that they rent out to someone else who grows wheat there, and they have what is either a really large garden or a pretty small field for growing things themselves too. They picked a bunch of strawberries in the garden, which made the day feel much more like midsummer than the previous dancing and somewhat Swedish food. The strawberries where excellent.

Rice balls

We then had more food, because the only things I seem to do in Japan is either work or eat. We had a barbecue in their garden. We put things that are normal in Japan on the grill, like rice balls and fish. It was great, of course. It is also nice to have a barbecue at their place because if you want to have vegetables, they just go and dig up potatoes in the garden or cut off some asparagus etc. So you get really fresh vegetables. Their asparagus was "already too late in the season", they said, but it turned out to be great.

In Japan, everything is slightly different. Like not having any actual fire for the barbecue...

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