Thursday, June 18, 2015

Buying more clothes

I bought a new yukata this year. I like yukatas, and this year's model looked pretty nice too. I also bought a new pair of sandals that look nice with my white trousers, and an "under belt" for yukatas that had frogs and hares fighting.

I also spent some money on more Western clothes. I found a jacket that is super thin and lets the smallest breeze through, which will help in the summer, that also had lots of pockets. And it was not black. I also bought a t-shirt that says: "Now accepting applications for the position of girlfriend" in Japanese. I think people will laugh if you wear this (and that no one will apply if you wear a shirt like that).


  1. Vem vet, kanske det är JUST det rätta knepet! :-)

    1. Efter sju-åtta dagar/kvällar så är prognosen hittills att det nog inte alls är rätt knep :-)