Saturday, June 20, 2015

Visitors in the lab, and weird people in the lab

We had visitors from Sweden in our lab this week. The girl on the right works at the "Sustainability Week" group of our university and they had a Swedish high school student visiting this week. She e-mailed me and said that since I am also Swedish they wanted to come say hello and hear a little bit about what kind of things we do in our lab.

They showed up with one high school student, his dad, and a camera woman. First I showed them some of our serious stuff, which are not that exciting. Then I showed them around in our lab, showing all the weird stuff we have. We have a 3D laser scanner that can scan human sized objects. We have screens that have actual 3D since they have 32 flat (and see-through) screens stacked behind each other inside the monitor. We have huge machines that no one knows what they do. We have a room full of paper craft models of guns from the Aliens movie and whatnot.

When checking out our sound proof studio room, we found clothes hung up to dry, food on the floor, and a bed. Apparently we either have a homeless person who has found a way to enter our (locked) lab, or one of our students is spending too much time in the lab...

Anyway, the visitors were very nice and I had a good time. It was a long time since I last spoke this much Swedish, haha.

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