Thursday, June 18, 2015

My friend on stage at Cream Soda Night 2015

My rock-n-roll friend was playing with his band again at this years Cream Soda Night, so again I went to see him. Last year he ended up going up on stage at around 2 a.m. on a weekday, which meant not many of his friends with normal jobs were there to see him. This year, his band was on stage at 19:00, which is also problematic for people with normal jobs in Japan (you can rarely leave work that early). The performance was quite nice, though.

The event was held in two different live houses, so you got a stamp on your hand to show that you were allowed back in when you ran back and forth between them.

Apart from my friend's band, I saw about 10 other bands too. They were all good. I also ran into a girl who knew me from having seen me perform magic somewhere. I also met a guy I know from the bar Ropossa, and some friends I have in common with my friend who was on stage. I was most surprised by having a fairly old Japanese man come up to me and ask: "Where you dressed as a zombie in the park four years ago?" I said I was, and he said that he had also participated in the Sapporo Zombie Walk in 2011 (the only year we had a zombie walk) and he remembered me from there. I was impressed that he even recognized me without zombie makeup.

My friend and his band

My friend plays the guitar and sings pretty well, but he is not so good at English. He had placed papers with the English lyrics all over the floor, but still managed to lose his way in the lyrics at a few times, haha.

I liked this band
This band had a female lead guitar player who was good
My friend with his eyes closed (and some girls he knows)
My friend with his eyes open
This saxophone player is famous, I was told.

My friend and one of his friends with similarly colorful hair
This band, the Apollos, was probably the best band I saw.

This guy and I were zombies together in 2011, apparently.
This band managed to get people to stage dive.
This band played rock on violin, accordion, and bagpipe!
I remembered this band from last year, and they were good this year too.

My friend with his rock-n-roll leather jacket.
And with his rock-n-roll sunglasses.
When I left (since I had to get up early the next morning for work), people were fighting outside. Probably play-fighting.


  1. Din kompis (som jag ju sett rätt mycket här på bloggen) verkar ha fastnat i en 1980's time warp vad gäller frisyren.. :-D

    1. Jag tror han vill ännu längre bak i tiden, men jag har i och för sig ingen riktig koll när saker och ting var stora här i Japan.