Friday, June 19, 2015

Last day of the Sapporo festival

The last day of the Hokkaido Shrine Festival one of my friends said he was going there with his wife, and suggested I join them. When I finally got home from work, they were already almost finished and more or less on their way to work (they work nights) but we managed to meet up and walk around for half an hour or so together.

Me, my anti-pollen mask, and my friend
Foreigners in yukatas!

I saw two other foreigners also wearing yukatas. They had also managed to get the best yukata accessory: Japanese girls in yukatas. I am told that since yukatas for men don't have pockets, the traditional thing to do is get a girl to carry your phone, wallet, and whatnot in her bag, since Japanese yukatas for girls come with bags. I have had very little luck in finding this accessory, and when I had a female friend walk around with me she said that "no, I will not carry your wallet or camera for you". Though she did volunteer to take my cash and put it into her bag.

"Pizza stick". Not pizza, not stick shaped. Delicious, though.
My "pizza stick"

Cucumber on a stick. Common festival food.

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