Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Swedish money, almost Swedish meat balls

Here in Sapporo there is a hamburger restaurant called "Tack". This is how you spell the word for "thank you" in Swedish, so many Swedish visitors to Sapporo get lured in. I too entered this place the first time just to find out why they chose that name. It turns out to be a short form of the owner's name, completely unrelated to Swedish. It also turned out we had quite a few friends in common, so I run into him from time to time at other places too.

Recently I stopped by to have a hamburger there again and noticed two things. First, I noticed that they had Swedish money stuck on the wall. Some young Swedish student has been coming there a lot and he gave them a Swedish bill once. I also noticed that they had something called "hamburger balls" on the menu. These were pretty nice. Meat balls with cheese inside and lettuce on the outside.


  1. Är dom medvetna om att dom har 1400 yen hängande på väggen? :-)

    1. Jag berättade ungefär hur mycket 100 SEK är värt, så de vet det nu, ja :-)