Saturday, June 20, 2015

Meeting interesting people at the Hokkaido Shrine Festival

I ran into three drag queens at the Hokkaido Shrine Festival. They said they were from a drag queen bar (?) called 7丁目のママ (7 choume no mama). Lots of people took photos of them.

These two girls had fans to cool themselves with. The fans had a photo of the two girls themselves, wearing the same things they wore when I saw them (presumably they had them made using a photo taken on the spot).

I met my magician friend who always makes strange faces when photographed.

Some people had their children on their shoulders. Some people had grownups on their shoulders...

Some people wore their yukatas with lots of skin showing. Most of my friends consider this to be the equivalent of wearing your pants around your ankles (i.e., they do not like it).

There was a guy with a very cool yukata at the festival. I wonder where he bought it?