Saturday, June 20, 2015

Nice photos from the wedding back in May

"Don't show the card to me, but please remember your Ace of Diamonds"

I did some magic at a wedding about a month ago. There was a professional photographer there, of course. They were kind enough to send me some photos of me doing magic. I have very few photos of myself performing, since I am pretty busy myself and usually have no friends around when performing. After I was done with the magic, the people who asked me to perform came up and said roughly: "I am glad we asked you to come". That to me is one of the best compliments.

I like to use this magical picture book as my opener. It is quick, understandable even if you don't hear what people are saying, can be seen from far away, and is a mysterious effect.
Mind reading in progress
One of my favorite tricks; producing sushi from a t-shirt with a picture of a salmon eating salmon sushi.

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