Friday, February 6, 2015

A Majide

Yamato was trying to make everyone make this gesture and say "Tejinakkuru" as his new "this will become cool in Japan" that no one else believes will become cool...

When I am in Osaka, I pretty much always visit a bar called "A Majide" ("What?! Really?"). It is a magic bar and the owner is friends with the owner of the magic bar in Sapporo where I perform. He is really funny.

When I got there, they were near the end of a big show for a small group of people, so I sat at the bar counter alone for awhile. It turned out that the magician Yamato who used to work in a magic bar in Tokyo I also often visit (Toto's Bar) is now working in A Majide. I did not know he had moved there, so it was a nice surprise to meet him again. After the other guests had left, we talked for a long time about new magic tricks we were practicing etc. He was impressed by a trick I did with a small iPhone stand, and the next day he went out to buy some toys that can do the same thing.

After an hour or so, a group of four young Japanese came to the bar. Two of them had never been there before, and I got to see a very long and funny show done by Yamato at the bar, and a very long and funny show done by Kubo (the owner) at the show stage area. Very entertaining, as always. One of the girls kept being extremely surprised, and her reactions made everything even funnier.

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