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Friday, February 6, 2015

Early Valentine

In Japan, all women are expected to give chocolate to 1) people the find attractive and want to date, 2) anyone they are dating, 3) anyone who works at the same place as they do and who is male, 4) anyone they know who is male, 4) their friends (this is optional).

Everyone in Japan tells me they get huge amounts of chocolate at Valentine day every year, but I never get anything. This year, someone already gave me a Valentine chocolate gift. It was so big that with only this one gift, I think this is the year with the most Valentine's gifts so far for me! A great start.

Of course, on "White day" (March 14), you have to give back something that is at least three times more valuable to anyone you got chocolate from, so receiving lots of things is not only positive. My good looking friends complain to me that they have to spend several weeks travelling around with a huge truck full of chocolate just to return the favor to everyone they got chocolate from a month before...  A problem I have never had to deal with.

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