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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hamburgers, hamburgers, hamburgers

One of the guys working in our magic bar has become close friends with a group of guests that visit us from time to time. They always bring large amounts of foods for the staff to eat. It is almost always weird. They used to bring 10 gigantic steamed buns from a place that makes excellent steamed buns. They would bring one that was from one of the many delicious flavors you can choose, and 9 filled with sweet beans... You can eat maybe half of one of these sweet beans filled ones before your mouth completely dries out and you no longer want to see any more food. Getting 9 of them is not that great...

I was sent over to help out at the other magic bar in our chain of two on Saturday, because they were really busy there. When I arrived, this group was there and they told me that I would "probably be very unhappy" when I saw what they had brought. I asked if it was the sweet beans things again, and they laughed with nostalgia about that. They had brought 20 McDonald's hamburgers. Which, considering there are usually only two magicians working there, may be a bit much. Now we were three, but it still felt like too much food.

Not being daunted by eating extreme amounts of hamburgers the night before, I had hamburger for dinner on Sunday too. I went to the place that provided the gigantic hamburger for the bondage event I performed at one week earlier.

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