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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Singing in bunny ears, cool sunglasses, and taking off your pants

Sunglasses and bunny ears. 

Yesterday I stopped by Ropossa to have dinner there. Last time, everyone thought I looked super cool in a pair of sunglasses I bought for 100 yen (1 dollar) and had brought along to use in a magic trick. This time I brought my normal sunglasses instead. Everyone looked cool in them, I was told.

Some time after I arrived, an older Japanese man that also was there the last time I was in Ropossa showed up too. As last time, he ended up sitting next to me. Last time he was very drunk, so he remembered (vaguely) that we had met, but not what we had talked about. He apologized for possibly having been rude to me, but I assured him that he had not been very rude. When he left, he paid too much and did not want any change. They wanted to give him change, though, so he said that he would pay my tab too to apologize for his behavior when he was drunk. Everyone assured him that he had nothing to apologize for, but he ended up paying everything for me anyway.

Later, a singer I have met a few times before also showed up. Some bought some of her CDs when they heard that she was a singer, and then they asked her to sing something to them on the spot. She produced a guitar and sang two songs. She was good, of course. As I understood it, she also writes her own songs (at least the ones she performed and the ones on the CDs).

Later, some guys who produce the TV show where I and the mama of Ropossa did magic also showed up. They also wanted to hear her sing, so she sang two more songs late in the evening too. One of these songs is called "Rabbit", so she produced bunny ears to wear while performing that. She said she always does that. I also noticed that she was doing bunny ears behind my back when people took photos of me in sunglasses.

For some reason, someone also took out a large stack of cards with Japanese proverbs written on them. Proverbs, but with one word in the proverb exchanged for "chinko" (a rude word for penis). These cards are collectibles from the Okinawan omiyage (souvenir cookie) Chinkosuko ("chinsuko" is a famous cookie from Okinawa).

Along those lines, I was also asked to show everyone my underwear, so they could take photos of that. I had a pair of underwear with 粗品 ("a small/trifling gift") and Japanese gift wrapping design on them. This had been requested by the mama of Ropossa, who when I last visited said that I had to show up wearing these pants next time.

Being photographed while showing funny underwear to interested people.

Then she sent photos of me showing my funny underwear to people to everyone, she said. The girl sitting next to me did indeed get the photos sent to her, but I did not get any sent to me. When I pointed this out, the reply was: "I did send them! Hmm, who did I send them too?"... Maybe people could take more care when sending weird photos of me to random strangers... Also, the photos were so blurry that you could not see what my underwear looks like, so the (important) fact that they are funny/joke products is lost on these poor random strangers, and it just looks like some random person is taking off their pants in a bar in front of other random strangers...

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