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Monday, February 16, 2015

Zombie makeup again

Early stages

I was asked to do some magic at a bondage event again. Last time, they asked me to show up as a zombie. This time they had no special requests, but I figured I should show up in some form of special costume since most people at these events do. Since I did not have that much time, I just went with a simple zombie look (I have lots of fake blood that I have made for previous occasions stuffed in my refrigerator, so most of the preparations are already done).

Right before leaving for work
I tried to make a 3D effect too

This time I tried painting the face gray first and then adding white on top of that instead of just using white, to see what that looks like. It looks kind of nice, but the blood does contrast best with pure white. And the blood is what makes people think it looks wonderful, every time I try something new.

Seven hours later, lots of paint has peeled off
Right before getting into the shower to wash the paint away
Shopping at 7-eleven on the way home

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