Monday, February 2, 2015

Someone hammers a nail into their nose, and it is not me!

After finishing up work at 22:30 I went looking for a hotel with free rooms (I usually do not book hotels when I go to Tokyo, I just pick a hotel near wherever I happen to be when the day ends). I found one and then quickly went to the Magic Bar Issey, where they do a magic show at 24:00. I was there in time to see some table magic first, and then their stage show.

They did lots of interesting stuff. They produced something like 10 live doves and a parrot, for instance. They threw the parrot out into the audience, and i hit me lightly on the head when it started flapping its wings to fly back to the stage.

One guy did lots of strange things like shoving a skewer through his tongue and hammering a nail into his nose. I sometimes hammer nails into my nose, and it was fun to see another magician do it too (it is not so common among magicians, though it is a common carnival trick). He also sawed his own stomach with an electric saw. And he put 8 lit cigarettes into his mouth.

The also did some big illusions, some comedy magic, some laser magic, and much much more. I had to leave when the stage show ended, since I had to get up really really early the next morning to fly back to Sapporo and go straight from the airport to my desk at the university.

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