Monday, February 2, 2015

Laughed at by the Indian guy serving spicy food

I never have any clear plans for where to go for food in Osaka. Yesterday I was wandering around randomly and came upon an Indian restaurant with a Swedish flag in the window. I went inside and ordered curry with cheese filled nan bread. The Indian guy working there asked what spiciness level I wanted ("no spice", "normal", "spicy", "extremely spicy"). I asked for the spiciest level possible.

Swedish flag (and some other flags)

He looked at me taking in my obviously not Indian looks and said: "Really? Are you sure?" I said I would try and hope that I would survive. He looked at me and shook his head and laughed a bit.

I was hoping that the scale was "extremely spicy by Japanese standards" (which is still not that spicy) and not "extremely spicy by Indian standards" (which would probably be pretty bad for me, haha).

It turned out to be spicier than any Indian food I have had previously in Japan (though I have had other food in Japan that was spicier, and spicier Indian food in other countries). It hurt a bit, but not that much. It was very good. The Indian guy came by a few times to ask me if I was doing OK. Which I was.

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